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What is "Chin Week"?

Who is Chin?

Willis Chin (aka "Chin", "The Legend", "Dash Rip Rock", you can even just call him "nice") is a good friend of the members of Switchfoot.  Switchfoot's first album, The Legend of Chin, is fondly named after him, and includes the song "Ode To Chin" which was inspired by him. In addition, Chin appears in all of Switchfoot's videos (excluding "Company Car" and "Dare You To Move"), and on their first DVD, Switchfootage!

"We called our album Legend of Chin out of respect for our friend back in San Diego," says drummer Chad Butler. "He's such a great guy. A real smiler, too. The kind of guy who always has his chin up!" (Pun intended.)

"Willis is definitely one of our heroes," says guitarist-songwriter Jon Foreman. "He's so real and so consistent in living out his faith. He's no fake. And that's what we hope our album is all about—about being real, no matter what the situation or circumstance."

"And we are trying to show people where true hope is found," says bassist Tim Foreman. "And Willis knows exactly where his hope is found."

"Then there's our song, 'Ode to Chin,'" says Chad. "It's a tribute to Willis. It's about being accountable to someone like Willis. ... This song is also about keeping your eyes on the Lord."

Chin also plays in a band called Movement Oust, and you can sometimes find him leading worship at Calvary Chapel North Coast in San Diego, CA.

Quotes taken from Campus Life Magazine, read the rest of the article here (scroll down to middle of page).

What is the history behind Chin Week?

Chin Week was started on the old CCM Chat Switchfoot Message Board (r.i.p.) in the year 2001 by a very kind and creative boardie named firefly.  Firefly thought it would be fun to have a week dedicated to the legend himself, Mr. Willis Chin.  The date was set for March 18-25, and although only a few lone boardies (it was a small board) participated in the first Chin Week, it was an immediate success.  The week's events consisted of using the word "chin" in every post made on said message board, and spreading the word about Chin Week through AOL buddy icons, e-mail postcards, and simply by word-of-mouth to friends and family members resulting in the promotion of Switchfoot, the band behind the legend.

As the years have passed, Chin Week has spread to the Official Switchfoot Message boards and to more and more awesome fans.  Although the "chin posting" wasn't such a success at transfering to the much larger setting of the official boards, fans have continued to celebrate and participate in the other Chin Week festivities and have added their own creative flare to spread the word.  One example was a boardie singing "chin chin chin chin chin chin chin chin..." to the "meow mix" commercials on television, resulting in funny looks from parents and siblings, but still quite effective at drawing notice.

How can I participate?

Its easy to get involved in Chin Week!  You can get a Chin AOL buddy icon in the downloads, use it for your icon and when people ask you what it's about share the news about Chin Week and about the awesome band Switchfoot.  Pick out a postcard below, and e-mail it to all of your friends telling them about Chin Week and about Switchfoot.  Get creative, spread the word in any (safe and respectable) way, shape, or form!

Feel free to share your creative ideas on the Switchfoot Message Board, or e-mail them to us here.
Chin Up Week:  March 18 - 25 every year!

Send your friends a Chin Week postcard!

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