Teen Hollywood Chat Transcript: Switchfoot

TeenHollywood_Marc: Okay, Tim from Switchfoot has now joined us !!
teenhollywood_switchfoot: What's happening everybody?

mbbaugh789 asks: How did you guys come up with the name for the band?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It is actually a surfing term!
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We all grew up in San Diego, CA. Surfing all of our lives, (the name) is definitely something that we can bring with us when we go on the road to places like Ohio

love_for_millenia asks: what genre are you?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We call ourselves Guitar-driven pop rock

yesfreak64 asks: I am a Christian Mobile DJ - Does your new album have plentongs, and what style is prominent?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We kind of think that the album has more of a band feel to this album.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We really wanted to capture the energy that we have in the live show
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We stripped it down in pre-production and made it more of a 3-piece album. We built it from the ground up, so it has more of a band feel to it.

hippiechic002 asks: Do you guys ever compare your selves to other bands? Which Rock band is your Fav.? And oh yeah is there any girl friends in you lives?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I wouldn't say that we compare ourselves to other bands but we are definitely fans of other people's music.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I would say that myself I am a big Beatles fan.. I like the Police,
teenhollywood_switchfoot: With the other guys there is a lot of Stevie Wonder, the Beatles
teenhollywood_switchfoot: As far as new music, we listen to Jazz.. it is really great when you come together with all these different musical influences.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: But we usually don't compare outselves to other bands
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Our drummer Chad is married, and I (Tim) am engaged and that would be a "yes" for Jon
TeenHollywood_Marc: We are chatting with TIM from SWITCHFOOT! Keep those questions coming!

HardwareJunkie9 asks: Do you write your own songs
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, in fact Jon writes the majority of the songs
teenhollywood_switchfoot: He and I have been co-writing quite a bit
teenhollywood_switchfoot: He is a wonderful song writer and I have a lot of respect for him
teenhollywood_switchfoot: He writes about a song per day, on average, which is pretty amazing

dj_rockn asks: can you guys tell us the story behind "learning to breathe"
teenhollywood_switchfoot: The idea for the title of the album and for the song comes from the idea that we are all innocent in life and our walk with Christ. We are learning in our walk with Christ in this world which is foreign. It pools off of personal experiences. That title definitely applies to a lot of the album. Growing up, learning to breathe.

HardwareJunkie9 asks: What is your favorite song that you sing?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: My favorites tend to be the newest ones.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: For me, right now, my big favorite is Poparazzi. My favorite song on the album is "I Dare You To Move".

tdog2488 asks: Are you coming out with a new album soon?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We're actually one of those bands that is always working on songs, always working on a new album.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That is kind of the way that we have always done it. We like to stay creative.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: This current album is really new, and the next one won't be out for another year or year and a half -- but we are definitely recording new material.

dabigtea asks: how do you best describe the song "new way to be human!" and what does it mean to you?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That's kind of like the chapter one that was continued with Learning to Breathe
teenhollywood_switchfoot: New Way to be Human is like the first chapter to that
teenhollywood_switchfoot: In the life that we have been given with Christ, we have been offered this new way to live that is completely different.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Christ offers us a new hope, that is -- you know, compared to what this world offers us, it goes against everything that we are taught.

superman200449428 asks: who would you compare yourselves to?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I guess everyone likes to compare bands to other bands and I can understand that.. It is probably a lot easier for other people to compare us to other bands then it is for us to compare ourselves.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Some bands that we admire -- bands like the Foo Fighters, U2.
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crunker93 asks: So you are a christian group i think that is cool there needs to be more christian groups so what do you have to say about artists like Marylin Manson people like that have made bad influnces on teens these days?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that it is important for artists to realize the incredible impact that music has.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: .. That there is a responsibility that goes along with that.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that it is something that we are becoming more and more aware of -- that our music does effect people. We want it to effect people in a positive way.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Our music is very positive and there are a lot of artists that can have a negative impact on people.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It is important to be aware of how music effects you and to be aware of what music may bring out your worst characteristics.

love_for_millenia asks: having any live preformances soon?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, we are leaving in actually about a week for a three and a half month tour
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That is with a band called the supertones and another one called Reliant K. We will be going all over the US -- 70 cities.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We will be doing festivals in the summer, probably go to Europe, and then possibly hit Europe again after that as well.

kookiesncream11 asks: Tim, what side of the stage do you usually stand on when you're in concert?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: When I'm facing the audience, it is on the audience's right side

whats_up16_2000_2000 asks: have you ever thought of taking a world wide tour?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We've done lots of shows outside of the US.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: So I guess three or four "worldwide" tours

mbbaugh789 asks: Do you ever find difficualty in trying to express your faith with music?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that it can be difficult when people try to pigeonhole our music or you know, look down upon the music simply because they disagree with our belief.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: But I think that it is very natural to express belief through music and it is a real natural outlet.. Sharing your beliefs and emotions

nate282 asks: what song is the hardest for you to play?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think right now, a song called "love is the movement" on the new album. We spent alot of time on that -- I think it is going to be great live -- but it requires a lot of work because there are a lot of parts on the album.

HardwareJunkie9 asks: What do you guys do to while away the time on the road?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: What time when we are on the road? :)
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It can be pretty busy when we are on the road.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: But we do actually bring our skateboards out on tour when we are on a long tour like the one that we are getting ready to do..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I guess we try to get exercise when we get a chance.
TeenHollywood_Marc: We are chatting with Tim from Switchfoot.

bbblskc asks: Do you find it harder to have "quiet time" with God when you're on the road than if you were at home?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think it is like any other job where there are distractions. There are distractions on tour just like when you are at home.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Those distractions are always fighting with my own personal resolve to set aside time with God. But it can be more difficult in that your schedule is constantly changing.. so you can't set aside the same exact time or the same amount of time every day.

bundleofnerves asks: Where do you think you're headed as a band and a ministry?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We've always taken it one day at a time, to be honest.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We never really thought that we would be where we are right now -- up for a Grammy.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: The goals that we have set for ourselves haven't revolved around things like getting awards.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We focus more around characters -- what kind of people we want to be.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: With music and bands, you never know if you will be able to do another album...
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Our goals revolve around what type of people we want to be and who we want to become.

bundleofnerves asks: What inspired, "Ode to Chin" and "Amy's Song"?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Ode to Chin was actually written for a friend of ours. That is where the first album was written kind of in honor of him.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That is a song to encourage him to stand strong in his faith and in who God is making him to be
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Amy's song is written about a ficticious person. Amy is kind of a combination of a lot of people that we admire.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: People that live life to its fullest -- live life as if every day is their last.

kookiesncream11 asks: When is your video going to be released?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We just shot it in November actually, and it was finished and edited about a month ago.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: So it should be released sometime this month or next month.

concretegirls asks: Did you do all of the stunts/skydiving in the new "You Already Take Me There Video"??? (It's really rad, by the way!!!)
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, it came out really cool.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Actually, for legal reasons we're not able to answer that question... liability...

dj_rockn asks: this may be a weird question but what is with taking off your face's in the end of the vidio for "new way to be human" ?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That was pretty funny. It was just a funny stunt that we thought that we would pull. Kind of the Scooby Doo ending!

yesfreak64 asks: ever considered adding another member to the band?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Right now we are actually playing with a fourth member life. His name is Jerome and some people might remember him from a band called Fold Zandura. He plays keyboard and guitar with us.

plusonefangirl asks: what is one of your most memorable moments ?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: On tour? I remember one of the first times that we went over to Europe, we were playing in Holland for a crowd of about 20,000 people.. a really large crowd.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Charlie Peacock was playing.. he is a guy who has produced a couple of our albums and he had us come up on stage and sing with him. That was definitely a high point!!

chaddwick21 asks: How stoked are you to be up for a Grammy?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It's pretty incredible! It is one of those things that you can't every imagine even as a goal. We weren't working up towards that, we didn't even allow ourselves to dream of that because it is so out of our control.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: What are you going to do to win a grammy? We were shocked and are definitely stoked!

mbbaugh789 asks: On the inside of NW2BH cd it says that "Let that be Enough" was written on a certain day. What is that days significence?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It actually gives a subtle hint as to when Jon's birthday is because there is a lyric in the song that says "it is my birthday tomorrow" and the song was written the day before his birthday (October 21).. His birthday is October 22nd.

nate282 asks: who got you guys started and music? and how hard was it for you to get a record label?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We were a pretty new band and had only been together for about six months. We were playing local clubs and coffee shops around San Diego. All of a sudden we got a call from Charlie Peacock out in Nashville
teenhollywood_switchfoot: He flew out and signed us shortly after that
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Everything else in our musical career has been the same way
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We give credit to God -- we can't really take any credit for it

kookiesncream11 asks: When surfing, are you all afraid of being bit by sharks?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I never really think about it..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: They say that the odds of being bitten by a shark are less than being struck by lightning so I think that is true

orangey47 asks: What are some of your funniest experiences while on the road?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: SO many! Where to being?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We accidentally drove to Canada one time!
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We were in Montana and we were meaning to go to Spokane and we missed our turn ! :)

kate5fe asks: Jon has said that he writes a song almost every day. I'd like to know if he wrote a song today, if so, what was it about? And if not, did he write one yesterday.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: He actually wrote a worship song either yesterday or today..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: A lot of the songs that he writes aren't even songs that are intended to be put on an album, sometimes they are just outlets for himself.

bundleofnerves asks: Is there a link between the songs, "Concrete Girl" (or "Underwater") and any of the songs on the last two albums?
TeenHollywood_Marc: We are chatting with Tim from Switchfoot. There are about 15 minutes remaining in the chat
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Hmm..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Concrete Girl and Underwater are kind of written about two different people so I'm not sure which one to go on.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I guess.. no :)

sugarush79 asks: ever play any good pranks on each other?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, all the time!
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Chad is probably the easist to prank on because he is a deep sleeper. He falls asleep pretty hard on airplanes and there is a lot of fun that you can have there!!

slickpnkgal2 asks: have there been times where you have almost broken up?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Not due to arguments or disagreements, but I think that it is something that everyone considers at times when you are involved with anything.. you consider "where is the end to this and what does it look like?"
teenhollywood_switchfoot: But we've never had disagreements that we felt like we couldn't get through them

dabigtea asks: what's the coolest thing about each other?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It's pretty neat that we are all best friends. It is pretty awesome to get to travel around and see the world with a couple of your best friends..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: That is kind of what it is like with us.

dabigtea asks: do you like to play for big crowds or small crouds the best?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that they are both just different
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Small crowds are nice because it is intimate and you feel like you really connect with the audience, but small crowds can also feel just really small..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It depends on the night.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Big crowds can feel like there is a huge connection, or big crowds can feel really distant.

Yahooligan_krofish asks: what are some tips to being a good musician
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It sounds cliche but practice is definitely a big one
teenhollywood_switchfoot: And listen to a lot of different music
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Listening to music is one of the best ways to develop a sound of your own.

yesfreak64 asks: Do you interact verbally with your live audiences a lot? I really enjoyed that at a Newsboys show.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, that is something that we look forward to with our live shows.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Even afterwards, we stay around long after the show is over, talking with people.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: It is neat to see how our music is affecting other people's lives -- and for them to get to share that with us is pretty awesome.

mbbaugh789 asks: What do you feel your greatest accomplishment in music has been so far?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that this last album -- learning to breathe -- has been our best musical contribution so far.

hey_im_tall_ha asks: were did u get that awsome voice- stupid question is it natural or what
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Yeah, it is entirely fake. :) No, it is natural!! :)

kookiesncream11 asks: Tim, what kind of bass guitar do you use?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I use a Music Man

oneidagirl_99 asks: Which artist would you most like to collaborate with? -Shannon, ONTARIO CANADA
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I would like to work with Paul McCartney myself.. he is a big hero of mine

wildone566 asks: How did you three meet?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Jon and I are brothers. We met Chad in high school because we all grew up around the same area. We played in local bands around the San Diego area.

dabigtea asks: what's the most embarrising thing you have done in front of fans?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: Lets see..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We have a lot of catastrophes that happen on stage that have to do with instruments breaking, amps falling apart, things getting knocked over ..
teenhollywood_switchfoot: There are a lot of things that happen like getting tangled up in your cord, or falling over. Pretty funny stuff.

slickpnkgal2 asks: if you weren't in a band what do you think you be doing? teenhollywood_switchfoot: I would be finishing up college this year actually. teenhollywood_switchfoot: Right now I am about half way through my major in Computer Science

dabigtea asks: what's the greatest message that you want to convey to young people?
teenhollywood_switchfoot: In one word, I would say -- hope.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I think that it is something that is void in our culture and in today's kids...
teenhollywood_switchfoot: People feel like there is nothing to hope for.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: We believe that we have that in Christ.
teenhollywood_switchfoot: If that is something that we can share with other people, then that is the highest calling that we can have as human beings.
TeenHollywood_Marc: Okay, that's all for our chat tonight with TIM from SWITCHFOOT !! Thank you for joining us Tim!
teenhollywood_switchfoot: I hope to see you guys at a show soon! Thanks for being here!

January 25, 2001 Teen Hollywood