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Who is "Chin"?

Willis Chin (aka "Chin", "The Legend", "Dash Rip Rock", you can even just call him "nice") is a good friend of the members of Switchfoot.  Switchfoot's first album, The Legend of Chin, is fondly named after him, and includes the song "Ode To Chin" which is a tribute to him. In addition, Chin appears in all of Switchfoot's videos (excluding "Company Car" and "Dare You To Move"), and on their first DVD, Switchfootage! We thought he deserved his own page on our Switchfoot site!

"We called our album Legend of Chin out of respect for our friend back in San Diego," says drummer Chad Butler. "He's such a great guy. A real smiler, too. The kind of guy who always has his chin up!" (Pun intended.)

"Willis is definitely one of our heroes," says guitarist-songwriter Jon Foreman. "He's so real and so consistent in living out his faith. He's no fake. And that's what we hope our album is all about—about being real, no matter what the situation or circumstance."

"And we are trying to show people where true hope is found," says bassist Tim Foreman. "And Willis knows exactly where his hope is found."

"Then there's our song, 'Ode to Chin,'" says Chad. "It's a
Ode 2 Chin
Chin playing the pilot in the "You Already Take Me There" video.
Chin used to have a T-shirt available to buy, but unfortunately it doesn't look like you can buy it anymore.

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Who is Chin?!?

Chin grabbing some cable from Chad in the "Chem 6A" video.
Chin after taking off the "Jon mask" revealing his true identity in the "New Way To Be Human" video.
Chin's face on Chad's drumkit in the "Meant To Live" video.
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Chin featured on the Switchfootage DVD.
tribute to Willis. It's about being accountable to someone like Willis. ... This song is also about keeping your eyes on the Lord."

Chin also plays in a band called Movement Oust, and you can sometimes find him leading worship at Calvary Chapel North Coast in San Diego, CA.

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