Harvest Crusade 01
Anaheim, CA
July 7, 2001
Chad Butler
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getting ready to play "Let That Be Enough"
Jon on the screen during "New Way To Be Human"
Chad up on the big screen...
Jon's guitar on the floor!
getting ready to jump!
Jerome Fontamillas
Jerome Fontamillas
Jon Foreman
Tim Foreman
Tim Foreman
Chad on the drums!
Jerome on the keys
Jon belting out the end of "New Way To Be Human"
Anahiem are you ready?
rockin' out
Jon talking on the field
running around on the field
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Jon talking
Jon jumped off
the podium...
...onto the Field!
During "The Loser" Jon's guitar fell off!  But he made a quick save and didn't stop the song.  Fortunately, his guitar didn't break, and the show went on.
Tim and Jon performed "Let That Be Enough" during the collection of the offering.  It was awesome!
After the
Dean & Mary Brown with Jerome and Jon
before the crusade...
Switchfoot was interviewed by Dean and Mary Brown for TBN.  Keep watching for the crusade to be shown on TV.
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