Live In San Diego
Switchfoot: Live In San Diego / Live Concert DVD: 68 minutes long + extras
1. This Is Your Life
2. Ammunition
3. Gone
4. Learning To Breathe
5. More Than Fine
6. Adding To The Noise
7. Twenty-Four
8. On Fire
9. The Beautiful Letdown
10. Meant To Live
11. Dare You To Move

* Interviews
* "Meant To Live" music video
* Behind The Scenes of the"Meant To Live" music video
* Photo Gallery
Nearly eight years in the making, Switchfootage is the story of a band making the most passionate music of their lives. The extensive DVD documentary was only available thru


* All-new live recordings of songs from The Beautiful Letdown
* Live "Meant To Live" music video
* Surfing footage of the band in Hawaii
* "Red Tape," the band's first short film featuring the "Ammunition Buzz Remix"
* Behind the scenes footage from the studio, the road, and interviews
* Photo Gallery
* 30 minutes + extras, american format NTSC
* Special hidden features
music videos
live performances
Feet Don't Fail Me Now
Feet Don't Fail Me Now DVD.  Picking up where Switchfootage left off, the new DVD captures a side of the band not seen before. A hilarious documentary of the guy's recent adventures and a first look at the development of new songs for the next record. (13min, American NTSC format)

Was only available thru
tv appearances
Switchfootage 2
Switchfootage 2: Making Gravity DVD. 
It's finally here! Switchfootage 2 has even more awesome footage of the band including following them on the road, at home, and in the studio.

features over an hour of never before seen footage including:

- making of the new record 'Oh! Gravity'
- making of the music video for 'Stars'
- video for 'Happy Is A Yuppie Word' including a making-of feature
- music video for 'The Blues' by Andy Barron
- in addition, all the podcasts on DVD for the first time!
- surfing, and more!

(American NTSC format)

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Live At The Ventura Theatre / Live Concert DVD recorded on the Winter/Spring 'Oh! Gravity' Tour

1. Stars
2. Politicians
3. Oh! Gravity
4. This Is Your Life
5. Learning To Breathe
6. Yesterdays
7. Gone
8. American Dream
9. On Fire
10. Faust, Midas, and Myself
11. The Shadow Proves The Sunshine
12. Awakening
13. Meant To Live
14. Only Hope
15. Dare You To Move

Extras: Behind The Scenes, and Bonus Songs: Company Car, We Are One Tonight, Burn Out Bright

American NTSC format

Was only available thru
Live At The Ventura Theatre Home
The Best Yet - Live DVD / This DVD was shot in Nashville in 2008
during the Music Builds Tour.

1. Stars
2. Oh! Gravity
3. Gone
4. We Are One Tonight / Shadow Proves The Sunshine
5. This is Home
6. This is Your Life
7. American Dream
8. Dirty Second Hands
9. On Fire
10. Awakening
11. Meant to Live
12. Dare You to Move

American NTSC format

Was only available thru
Fading West
Fading West: The Film
Inspired by such films as Rattle and Hum and Endless Summer, Fading West follows Grammy-winning alternative-rock band Switchfoot as they travel the globe in search of new musical inspiration and perfect waves. Directed by Matt Katsolis and filmed during Switchfoot’s 2012 World Tour, Fading West charts the creation of the San Diego-based fivesome’s upcoming ninth album in its earliest and most unpredictable stages. As the band visits legendary surf breaks in Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Bali, brothers Jon and Tim Foreman breathe fresh life into their songwriting and sound by harnessing the spirit of their stunning surroundings and mining new emotional depths. Part rock documentary, part surf film and part travelogue, Fading West offers rare glimpses of the longtime surfers on their boards and in the waves, captures the frenetic energy of their live shows, and in the end portrays a journey both epic and intimate.

Mapped out according to Switchfoot’s favorite surf spots, the tour chronicled in Fading West kicks off in Australia where the band appears alongside the likes of Marilyn Manson and Slipknot on the metal-dominated lineup of the Soundwave festival in Sydney and Melbourne. Switchfoot then travels to New Zealand, where their adventures range from milking cows to jumping off cliffs and hitting the waves with their lifelong surf hero and 3-time World Champion Tom Curren. During their visit to South Africa—along with braving icy waters and board-snapping surf—the band is reunited with the Kayamandi Township children’s choir and dance team who inspired their 2005 song “The Shadow Proves the Sunshine.” And in sublimely serene Bali, Switchfoot joins up with surf legend Rob Machado (a childhood neighbor/idol of the Foremans) in the waves and onstage at a Kuta Beach club. 

At the heart of Fading West is the ever-growing conflict between Switchfoot’s roles as world-regarded musicians and passionately devoted family men. That tension comes to a head when—at the very start of the tour—Jon gets word that his newly born daughter needs emergency surgery, and quickly leaves the tour to return to his family. Through heart-on-sleeve interviews and candid conversations among the band members, Fading West reveals Switchfoot’s relentless determination to balance the pull of the road with a deepening need to be home.

With the film and tour culminating in a hometown show at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas, Fading West also takes viewers inside the eighth annual Bro-Am surf contest (an event that benefits homeless kids in the local community through Switchfoot’s own Bro-Am Foundation). Throughout their excursions around the world and back home again, Switchfoot radiate a sense of joyful brotherhood that’s intensely uplifting. Soundtracked by songs from their upcoming album, Fading West is ultimately a soul-stirring look at a long-beloved band faced with the daunting question of what’s next—then finding the answer both out on the road and in their own backyard.